Specialty Services

Our professional team of physicians, nurse midwives, and our physician assistant offer preventative, diagnostic, and acute care within the specialties of Obstetrics and Gynecological medicine:

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynecology
  • Colposcopy
  • Ultrasound (on-site)
  • Cryosurgery
  • Menopause choices
  • Essure - permanent birth control (details below)
  • Treatment for incontinence and vaginal relaxation
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Fetal monitoring
  • Initial infertility assessment
  • LEEP procedure
  • Adolescent care


Essex County OB/GYN strives to provide the most current care and procedures available. The ESSURE procedure is the latest advance in tubal sterilization techniques available to women. ESSURE is a tubal occlusion, usually performed in the office setting under local anesthesia, with minimal discomfort. The ESSURE procedure was approved by the FDA in 2002.

Safe & Effective

The ESSURE procedure does not affect sexual activity, natural hormonal rhythms or periods. It is biocompatible and hormone-free. While no method is 100% effective in prevention of pregnancy, this procedure represents the most reliable and safest method for of contraception available to women today.

Fast & Convenient

Most women choose to have the 15 – 20 minute procedure done in the office under local anesthesia and return to work the next day. The procedure does not involve any cutting. A soft flexible micro insert is placed into the fallopian tubes. After placement, the body’s natural healing response causes tissue to grow in and around the inserts. This tissue formation permanently seals the tubes in the area of the inserts. Materials used in the micro inserts have been used in cardiology for many years.

A small scope is inserted through the cervix in order to visualize the opening into each tube. It then takes approximately one minute for placement of each micro insert. Following the procedure patients remain in the office for 45 minutes. Most utilize an Advil type medication for relief of associated cramping over the next day or two. Patients usually resume work the following day although we have seen some who returned to work upon leaving the office. Patients are advised to continue using contraception until 12 weeks later, when a confirmation test is performed in order to document complete occlusion of the tubes.

Is ESSURE right for you?

Patients who should consider this option in sterilization include any patient who has completed her family. Many women wish to avoid methods involving hormones or are dissatisfied with their current method of birth control. Others have medical conditions that increase the risks associated with laparoscopy. Also a past history of surgery to the lower abdomen sometimes increases the risks when performing a laparoscopic tubal.

There is a very high level of satisfaction among patients who choose this procedure. The most common comment is the convenience of a rapid return to work and not having to utilize family vacation or sick time. Often insurances charge only the office co-payment and that represents a considerable savings to the patient. It is exciting to offer both a safer and more effective option than tubal sterilization.